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“We are born again”~ John 3:3. Lift up the Son of God. “We worship in spirit and truth” John 4:24. “We work the work of Him who sent us” John 9:4-5. Missionaries cultivate relationships and are involved in helping those who are in need. With a humanitarian spirit, the Missionaries of Liberty Chapel Missionary Baptist Church visits the shut-in and give assistance when there is a need. We spread the gospel in comfort to those in our church, home, and community and where ever we can through the Holy Spirit’s guidance.There are current vacancies and new missionary members are expected to be true witnesses of God with the willingness to spread the word of God. Missionaries should also be ready to serve in prayer, teach and share to others the good news of Jesus Christ. All interested members, please speak with Hildred Perry, Missionary President. If there is a need please contact us!

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