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Ministries Overview

At Liberty Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, we gather together to be an “iron sharpening iron” (Proverb 27:17) where sharpening occurs through bible study, Sunday school, discipleship, and serving. We have many ministries to assist you with your spiritual journey. We also offer many opportunities for you to use your talent and gifts in the church and in our community. 


  • Deacons
  • Deaconess
  • Trustees

The role of the service ministry involves those individuals who are available for every aspect of work at the church. Each has distinctive and detailed duties. The deacons are officers which have a scriptural foundation. Being the church is incorporated, the trustees, only when instructed by the Church, are delegated authority to speak for the Church as it relates to business matters. The Deaconess’ serves as support of the Church, Pastor, and where ever they are asked.

Helping Hands Ministries:

  • Usher
  • Healthcare Ministry
  • Pastor Esteem Ministry
  • Culinary Minsitry
  • Missionary Ministry
  • Van Ministry

The passion of hospitality drive these ministries toward demonstrating the loving care of our Savior by ministering to those in need of comfort, care and support. All members are encouraged to assist with the Pastor’s Esteem ministry as we support all the needs of the Pastor. We offer an array of services in a variety of ways.

For example: Rides are offered to the Sunday morning services through our Van ministry. Need a ride: See “in Church” announcements for ride contact list. A Sunday meal is prepared for the sick and shut in. If you need a meal prepared for you, please let the culinary department know. Home, hospital, and nursing home visits are made as well.

 Educational Ministries:

  • Sunday School
  • Bible Study
  • Youth Department
  • C.A.R.E.

Education, being one of the most important areas of our church, these groups are a vital source in helping individuals grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and each other. These groups serve as a vessel to delivering educational messages to the masses.

Worship Ministries:

  • Praise Team
  • Choirs (5)

Worship being one of the innermost focal point of the church body, the praise team, choirs, and deacons set the inspirational tone for worship. In reception of God’s Word, the choirs assist in preparing the hearts and minds of the congregation to receive God’s Word through the Pastor.

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