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(God bless our leaders!)

LCMBC's pastor provides guidance to the spiritual life of the church. Ministry leadership and staff provide the day to day direction and decision making process within the ministries and organization of the church.

† Rev. Charles H. Perry, Pastor

†Rev. Mary Sapp, Pastor Assistant

†Evangelist Alamandria Bernard

  • Deacons

† Willie McCombs-Chairman

† Eugene Graham, Sr.

† John Dukes

  • Administrative Leadership

† Carolyn Graham, Board of Directors President

† Ricky Griffin, Trustee Chairman

† Mary Payton, Pastor Esteem Chair

† Hildred Perry, Deaconess President

† Alicia Bryant, Sunday School Superintendent

† Glenda Roberts, Finance Chair

  • Administrative Staff

† Barbara Lawrence, Clerk

† Glenda Roberts, Clerk Emeritus

† Selena Alexander, Assistant Clerk

  •  Ministry Leaderships

† Hildred Perry, Missionary President

† Toyuna Grant and Saundra Frazier, Youth Directors

† Brenda Griffin, Culinary Chair

† Joann Garrison, Usher President

† Helen Hill, Healthcare Chair

† Felita Barnett, Gospel/Mass Choir President

  •  Musicians

† Bennie Munnerlyn, Minister of Music

† Antonio Blocker, Drummer/Guitarist

† Trenell Griffin, Drummer 

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