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In 1853, a group of pioneers built the church. Liberty Chapel Missionary Baptist Church is documented in history records as being the oldest church in Marion County Florida.

Today, Liberty Chapel Missionary Baptist Church continues to be a purpose driven church striving to spread the gospel according to the Holy Bible. It has a unique youth ministry whereas youth are welcomed participators of worship service. Missionary and evangelist ministries continue to expand throughout the community.

God has continued to bless this church and the membership as a whole even in the times of trouble, upheaval, dissension and sotrms of life. We are still making progress from 1853 to Present, and we have grown in many ways spritually and financially. We are still holding on to the faith, peace, joy and love of our forefathers.

With over 160 years of service in the Fairfield community, the best years are ahead as we seek to be a transformation church to many for years to come.

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