Liberty Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. - Rev. Charles H. Perry, Pastor/Teacher

Novemberber 2017 Calendar of Events
Prayer Meeting and Bible Study every Thursday
Sunday School staff meeting every Thursday before 2nd Sunday
Sunday School every Sunday 
 7:00 pm
9:45 am
 Choir #1 Rehearsal
 7:00 pm
*Praise and Worship Service/The preaching of God's Word
**Showing of love by Sis Patricia Perry following morning worship!
***Go to Shady Grove M.B.Church, Pastor Fred Maeweathers
 11:00 am

3:00 pm
 Sunday School meeting with Pastor

 Youth Choir Rehearsal   
 10:00 am
*Praise and Worship  Service/The preaching of God 's anointed word.
**Missionary meeting following service
Service of Love for Mercede Taylor-Antioch M.B.Church-Pastor Winston Dawson--Speaker Pastor Chris Stokes
11:00 am

4:00 pm
 Praise and Worship Choir Rehearsal
 6:00 pm
Praise and Worship Service/The preaching of God's word.

 11:00 am

Male Chorus Rehearsal
7:00 pm
 Thanksgiving!! Family of Mrs. Boatwright reunion services!!!!
 10:00 am
Praise and Worship Services/The Preaching of God's Word.
11:00 am
Note: Prayer & Bible Study each Thursday night @ 7PM (Unless Otherwise Announced)
Sunday School every Sunday Morning at 9:45 AM!
Praise and worship starts at 11:00 AM every Sunday Morning!
Personal Prayer Requests can be written below!
Prayer requests
Please feel free to type your prayer request below!
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